It’s kind of a goodbye…

It’s kind of a goodbye… but not really! Yes, we are saying goodbye to Thoroughly Modern Maisie but it is not an emotional farewell. In fact, it is quite the opposite, Thoroughly Modern Maisie has had a brand spanking new re-brand and I know that I’m biased but I’m a little bit in love with it… Say hello to Moo Lifestyle. –

Say hello to Moo Lifestyle. –

Thoroughly Modern Maisie has just turned 1 and even though I loved blogging I felt as though I was stuck in a rut. The idea of blogging wasn’t exciting me any more. As much as I wanted to blog, I couldn’t. I no longer had the motivation. I still loved reading other people’s blogs but I felt that mine wasn’t good enough and I just didn’t provide it with the TLC it needed to grow.
I also felt constrained using the platform; I wasn’t able to visually portray my personality. I desperately wanted to break out of this rut and Robowecop’s blog post inspired me to do so by re-branding. And ta-day Moo Lifestyle was born, using

Moo Lifestyle Button

This blog has provided me with a great platform to enter the blogging world and I am proud of it, that’s why I have decided to move all of my old posts over to the new blog. Some of my favourite blog posts have been: The Guide to the Girls’ Holiday, A Sneak Peek into my Bedroom, What to Do with your Life and Thoughts of a “Newbie” Blogger. I’m proud of these posts but I do like to think that I have developed so much since these were written and I am looking forward to developing further.

Thoroughly Modern Maisie will be disconnected on 30th April, there will be a hint of sadness saying goodbye however I’m more excited about the opportunities to come with Moo Lifestyle.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 20.04.29

Thank you for your support with Thoroughly Modern Maisie, my blogging friends are amazing and I hope that you can continue to support me over at Moo Lifestyle! See you over there!

P.S. follow my new Bloglovin’

M x



Barcelona | My first Vlog

Hey guys, this is my first post of 2016, sorry it’s taken me so long but I’ve been super busy! I started the year in Barcelona with Andy for a trip to see my brother, his partner and Dug the Pug. We had so much fun exploring the city, eating delicious food, consuming exotic cocktails and relaxing before returning to University for a busy second semester.

Sunny bike ride

I’ve been back for over 2 weeks now and I’m currently recovering from another episode of tonsillitis whilst battling through University and deadlines. So to cheer myself up I finally got ’round to putting together the video clips I took of our trip to create my very first vlog (yay)! It’s taken me a while to pluck up the courage to start vlogging but I felt that this was the perfect way to begin! I have to admit I wasn’t brave enough to actually speak in the video (so I’m not sure it even classes as a vlog LOL) however I’m actually quite proud of my first attempt… You may think otherwise, but positive thinking and all that! So… Here goes, please take a look and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy… who knows if it’s received well, I may even treat you to the dulcet tones of my Yorkshire accent in the next video!


M x

Thrifty Christmas Party Outfit

It’s that time of year again… Christmas Party season! This is definitely my favourite time of the year; I just love the festive build up to Christmas Day and the excitement that goes with it. It’s at this time of year that everyone seems to be just that extra bit jollier (maybe it’s that Xmas magic) this includes work colleagues, even the big bosses! And everyone seems to really let their hair down at the big Christmas Party.

This is my second Christmas Party with the Organisation and this year has a lot of expectations to meet due the success of last year’s! Everyone gets super glammed up, which is lovely to see and even the fellas scrub up nicely too! I knew I’d have to find the perfect Christmas Party outfit.

This year I bought my party dress in August… yes in the summer! You may find me bonkers however it caught my eye in the window of a shop as I walked past. It’s a beautiful strapless, short, metallic bronzy-gold dress with a bubble hem and pockets and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it… yes I’m the type of girl to fall in love with a dress. The best part is, is that it’s from a charity shop! I’m not usually very lucky when it comes to shopping in “thrift shops” and can never seem to find anything I like/in my size, so when I saw that the dress was in my size I HAD to try it on. It fits perfectly and I noticed it was a French Connection dress, this is a designer I cannot usually afford, but it was for sale for a bargain £5!  As a student I can’t really afford to spend a lot of money on new outfits so I was over-the-moon to find this and I was contributing to charity (go me).


I tried it on again last week, to see what I could accessorise it with, however I did have a little difficulty as it’s not gold but it’s not bronze. So I decided to pair it with black sandals with a sequined heel that I already owned and my Mum’s black clutch bag. Therefore my whole outfit came to £5!


At the Christmas Party I received a lot of compliments and people were shocked (and impressed) that I’d bought it from a charity shop (I know I shouldn’t tell people that and should let them think that it’s a very expensive dress but I was too smug about my bargain beauty).

I’d love to see your Christmas party outfit posts/any fabulous finds from charity shops! I hope you all have a magical Christmas!

M x

Wren Family Favourites

Last month I had the privilege of attending the Wren Family Favourites event at Wren’s headquarters ‘The Nest‘. The event was hosted by the lovely Linda Barker and yes she really is as charismatic as she appears on Changing Rooms (god I used to love that program).

We were invited to view Linda’s gorgeous new kitchen collection that she has created exclusively for Wren which are all very lust-worthy AND wouldn’t break the bank!
Wren was also hosting the competition #WrenFamilyFavourties which encouraged people to submit an Instagram photo of their favourite family recipe for a chance to win an AEG Ultramix Stand Mixer worth £299.99. Us lucky bloggers sampled some of the recipe entries that were submitted which Linda Barker baked for us. IMG_6010

The recipes that we tried were: banana loaf, marble cake and almond pastry mince pies! I can tell you that ALL of them were delicious, so much so I couldn’t stop nibbling on them and greedily stuffed my face. My personal favourite was the scrumptious marble cake.
To ensure that we didn’t forget how to make the bakery goods we had just been taught by Linda, we created a recipe scrap book. I had so much fun making my scrapbook, I have to say I got a little competitive with the other bloggers and made sure mine was the prettiest… I know I’m biased but I do think I did a good job!

I must have caught the baking bug after the event as I submitted my own entries to #WrenFamilyFavourites with my ‘Heart of Gold’ zesty orange layer cake and vanilla essence biscuits.

I even recreated the banana loaf from the event, however living in a flat of 8 girls, I didn’t even get a chance to photograph my masterpiece before it was demolished, however I take that as a good sign!

The Linda Barker Collection for Wren Kitchens really is beautiful, there was not one kitchen I didn’t fall in love with. However when looking through the brochure after the event, I did find the one that was meant to be for me… the one named “Thoroughly Modern”. I do recommend you to take a look at the collection here (WARNING: you will want them all):

P.S. how cute is this personalised wooden mixing spoons from Bespoke & Oak Co. we received as a gift.IMG_6011

M x

Society Scrutiny

Time is really flying by at University, I’m already on Week 8 of the first 10 week term (and then it’s basically Christmas YAY). I would say that I’m pretty well adapted to “university life” now; I’ve settled into my flat and I live with some amazing girls, I’ve got too drunk and made a fool out myself (never again) and I’m really enjoying my course.


One thing I’m struggling to cope with, to my parents’ surprise, is my inability to cope with a messy, unclean kitchen and unfortunately I have landed the role as ‘Mum’ in our flat family, as I’m always cleaning. Nevertheless I’m enjoying University, however I’m glad I chose to study at a uni close to home, as I’m thankful I have the opportunity to go home when I want (I was especially thankful when I was poorly last week and wanted home comforts).

Societies are a fundamental part of getting fully involved in the University’s spirit and feeling like you are part of a community. Therefore 7 weeks ago I joined a number of societies including: Drama, Musical Theatre, Blogging (of course) and Dance. I was excited to join a group of people with the same interests and passions as me and eagerly attended all of the first meetings. The first few meetings were fun, everyone was happy to mingle and I met lots of new people. I was excited for the weeks ahead.

Credit: © 2015 Manchester Metropolitan University

My first knock back was when I didn’t get a part in the musical I so wished to be involved in, not only that but they failed to tell me this and I found out through somebody else. I was extremely disappointed however I still went to the society’s meetings which (apparently) are open to all. Unfortunately it didn’t feel like that was the case at all and I found that those involved in the musical and “the committee” formed a clique and weren’t very welcoming at all…

This seemed to be the case with all the other societies I joined (excluding the Blog Soc as they’re lovely). If you aren’t an expert/incredibly good at the society activity/hobby then there is not an opportunity to become properly involved in the group. I feel like I’m quite good at a range of different things, but don’t have a speciality where I excel. This has put me off from attending the societies’ meetings, due to feeling “not quite good enough”.

Just recently I’ve put my own personal (perhaps sensitive) feelings aside and attended the Dance Society regardless. I’ve decided to make myself as involved as I can. Societies should not just be for the elite and they shouldn’t make you feel like they are.

I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced any of the same issues as I have with regards to society scrutiny or even the inability to cope with the dirty kitchen in Uni Halls, please do leave me a comment or tweet me at @modernmaisie.

M x


My 1st YorkMix THEATRE REVIEW: When the Lights Go On Again

Hello all, I thought I’d share with you all some exciting news AND a theatre review in one post… This month I have started writing for YorkMix, I write a monthly blog post about the top theatre picks for the York area and I also review shows.
YorkMix is a website for York news, views, entertainment, food and drink and more.

I was asked to review York Musical Theatre Company’s production of When the Lights Go On Again, a wartime concert-like musical, and in return I was given two complimentary tickets. The review was to be published on YorkMix, which many citizens of York read, to access views and opinions they can trust.

Photograph: Andrea Denniss / Pink Lily Photography
Photograph: Andrea Denniss / Pink Lily Photography

I took my lovely Mum along with me and we thoroughly enjoyed the show, we left feeling very content. I wrote the review that night and to my delight I woke up the next morning to an email from the editor of YorkMix that read “great review, captures the heart-warming feel of the show really nicely. Your review is now live!” I was over-the-moon and it made me hungry with ambition. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was finally taking the first-steps to achieving success. It was like a penny had dropped and it confirmed that theatre journalism is what I definitely want to do with my life!

I am now more determined than ever and I’m soooo glad that I decided to take the plunge and go to University to study the subject I’m so passionate about!

If you’d like to take a peek at the review that was published head over to: 

Thank you all for your support!

M x

THEATRE REVIEW: Mercury Fur – Hull

It’s been 5 days since I watched Philip Ridley’s Mercury Fur at the Lowgate Centre in Hull and I think my sleeping pattern has only just returned back to normal after the brutal, gut-wrenching production.

Jerome Whittingham (@photomoments)
Jerome Whittingham (@photomoments)

Set in the (scarily) near future, the site-specific play immerses us in a broken and disgusting society, a place which makes you feel ashamed to be part of the human-race. Britain is ruled by gangs, no where is safe; even hospitals and supermarkets. An infestation of hallucinogenic butterflies swarms the country, the population fixate on these new creatures. They become the new craze, however, like any drug, cause devastating side-effects.

“Step over the dead dog and turn right” are the instructions you are given as you enter the building, involving the audience member from the moment they walk in. The toilets are littered with beer bottles, the bar is a dingy side room and the performance room is covered in graffiti, litter and abandoned furniture. The audience are sat centimetres away from the performers and there is a real sense of “we’re all in this together”; leaving you feeling both appalled and helpless at the end of the play.

Jerome Whittingham (@photomoments)
Jerome Whittingham (@photomoments)

The young cast of Mercury fur, directed by the talented Paul Smith, is what made Middle Child’s production outstanding, as well as the cleverly designed set and eerie music and lighting.

The play follows the story of brothers: Elliot (Joshua Mayes Cooper) and Darren (Laurie Jamieson) who are doing all they can to survive in the sadistic world they live in. Their forceful leader Spinx (Edward Cole) calls the shots, organising a very disturbing party for a wealthy city boy (James Stayner) with an unforgivable fantasy he wishes to fulfil.
Cooper and Jamieson deserve a special mention for their electrifying performance, making it a very honest and truthful spectacle.

This is a play like no other I have seen and I would urge everyone to see this production. You will question our society, values, culture and beliefs; is the image which the play portrayed too similar to the image of our society?


Mercury Fur, The Lowgate Centre – 14th-24th October 2015