Hello world!

MaisieMy name is Maisie, I’m 19 (soon to turn twenteen) and I live near the beautiful city of York. I currently work full-time as an Administrator, however my real passion and hobby is theatre; as you thespians will gather by the title of my blog!

Today I decided that I wanted to do something productive with my free time; instead of wasting countless hours moping around, watching t.v. At lunch, my colleague bought herself a ‘blogging tips’ magazine, I flicked through a few pages and just like that I was sold. I instantly decided that I am going to be pro-active with my time and put pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard) and create a blog!

I have previously attempted writing a blog, however I limited myself by choosing only to publish theatre reviews and nothing else, so unfortunately I felt very restricted with what I could write and lost motivation.
Having that in mind, I have chosen to base my new, shiny blog on a more general theme, sticking to the following three things;

– Thoughts
– Lifestyle
– Theatre

Wish me luck as I enter the exciting world of blogging!

M x


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