Theatre & I

Yesterday I told you that I LOVE theatre, so I thought I’d give you some background as to why I do.

At the age of three I began ballet lessons, which then spiraled into all kinds of dance and eventually musical theatre! So I was exposed to the world of theatre from an early age!
Drama was always my favourite class at school and I would jump at every chance to take part in any after-school theatre classes. One of my most memorable performances was We Will Rock You, in which I played the role Meat Loaf and still to this day thinking about that show gives me such fond memories.

Visiting the theatre to watch performances always gave me a buzz, it is such a wonderful experience. I am left feeling overwhelmed by the performers’ abilities to completely eradicate my own personal life and transport the audience and myself to a different time, place, culture and lifestyle whilst sitting in the very same room I entered as myself. The magic of theatre is breathtaking.

I’m not an expert in the field, well not yet anyways, at the moment it is purely a hobby and passion – for now…
However in October I am embarking on a new, exciting journey… I will be studying a Theatre course at university, which will cover writing, directing and performing. I am ecstatic that I have been given this opportunity and cannot wait for my new adventure.

In this blog I aim to write about any shows that I see, any plays that I am participating in and general theatre topics and news. I hope you enjoy!

M x


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