Bella Coco Crochet Granny Square

Granny Square Collage

All week I’ve been crocheting away, during any spare moment that I have; as in my last post I announced that I was going to attempt to make my very own granny square. When I say any spare moment, I mean literally any! Working full time can often consume your whole week and when you do have free time this is usually taken up by eating, bathing and sleeping. So I’ve been crocheting on the bus to work, on my lunch break and at home, even when my boyfriend was visiting – I was determined that I would be successful in my mission.

I used the YouTube tutorial by Bella Coco to learn how to make the much loved granny square. Bella Coco is a UK craft (mainly crochet), lifestyle, beauty and DIY blog, written by a lovely lady named Sarah-Jayne, whose blog is delightful. I’d urge anyone to take a look at Sarah-Jayne’s blog for those looking for inspiration or just for a pick-me-up, as it really is a cheerful page to visit!

Sarah-Jayne explains everything you need to know to make a granny square, including her recommendations for which hooks and yarn work well. If you’re a complete novice (like I more or less was) you are in good hands as it is a complete beginners’ guide!

I have to be honest, my first few attempts wouldn’t quite be defined as a granny square, but more like a ‘granny fried egg’ due to the shape of my ‘square’. Here’s the photo evidence (I obviously went wrong somewhere… a few times…)

The Granny Fried Egg!
The Granny Fried Egg!

After a couple of days and many ‘fried eggs’ something clicked and I finally created my first successful granny square! And boy was I proud, in fact I think my boyfriend thought I was quite sad, due to my stupidly giddy reaction!

Ta Dah!
Ta Dah!

I then went on to make one more using the same video, which again worked quite well! However I then realised that my tension was too tight for the first square and therefore this square was larger (well that’s why I think it is…)

The 2nd Successful Square!
The 2nd Successful Square!

I then felt confident enough to follow the Bella Coco written instructions and leave the comfort of Sarah-Jane’s reassuring video guide. I created a further two granny squares, each time getting quicker and more confident. I believe that the last one (the tealy green one) is my best so far, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Number 3!
Number 3!
The Final Square
The Final Square!

I know that I’ve got a long way to go until I create the perfect granny square, but I am happy with my achievements so far! However I’d welcome any feedback and tips that you may have, especially regarding creating straighter edges.

Thank you Bella Coco for teaching me the foundations, I now endeavor to get better and better!

M x


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