Thoughts of a “Newbie” Blogger

Thoughts of a Newbie Blogger

As a relatively new blogger (just starting this blog a little over a month ago), I thought it would be useful to reflect on my experience of entering the blogging world and comply a list of what I have discovered during this month. So here goes:


  1. The relationships between bloggers – I have noticed that there is a close-knit community within the blogging world. There appears to be really lovely friendships among bloggers, who all support each other’s work; whether that be by sharing new posts, asking their followers to follow fellow bloggers and posting really positive comments, which leads me to my next point…
  2. All bloggers seem to be extremely positive ALL the time… – Don’t get me wrong this is great, but how do they keep this up 24/7?! I know that people don’t want to read about someone moaning and winging everyday, however EVERYTHING seems to make them happy! I’m trying to become a more positive person, but it’s hard! And also, there is such a thing as being too positive – we all have that one extremely annoying, stupidly happy friend, who states they’ve ran a marathon, swam 2000 lengths and even had time to blow-dry their hair, all in the same time it took you to roll out of bed on a Monday morning! Grr… (no I’m not jealous…)
  3. You stumble upon blogs you’ve never seen before – when you start blogging yourself, somehow you discover so many more amazing blogs! And before you know it, you’re following blogs from all over the world!
  4. You become addicted to Bloglovin – because you’ve discovered so many fantastic blogs, the only way you can keep up-to-date with it is by following them all on Bloglovin, which then becomes addictive. Any free moment you get you’re reading blog posts… which, let’s admit, is a lot more interesting than reading what your best friend’s friend of a friend is having for lunch on Facebook!5
  5. You become addicted to Pinterest – well where else will we get our inspiration?6
  6. You become obsessed with your Blog stats – OMG I’ve had two visitors today, without even promoting myself all over Twitter and Facebook… Does this mean I’m famous yet?!7
  7. You start annoying your friends – When I say friends, I mean your real friends, the ones that you actually see in real life and not just behind a screen. You keep tweeting the link to your Blog over and over again, so much so they hit the unfollow button – I’ve been advised to create a separate Twitter account now! (sorry real life friends)8
  8. You idolise your favourite bloggers – oooh I love how she’s wearing her hair… I’m going to have to try that immediately! Those shoes are too cute, I’m going to have to purchase NOW! Then I stop myself as I don’t want to turn into a clone of Hannah Gale! And I need to watch the bank balance!9
  9. You scrutinise your blog constantly – I’m always thinking “is my blog good enough” “should I just give up” or “other people’s blogs are soo much better than mine will ever be”. I even sometimes think “what’s the point in writing and spending all this time composing posts when no one reads it” but this isn’t the attitude to have! I actually ENJOY writing my blog and it’s rapidly becoming one of my biggest passions. So if it makes you happy, continue! You never know where your writing will take you!10
  10. You feel isolated from the blogging community – most bloggers have been around for a lot longer than I have, so trying to wiggle into their little community can be intimidating! They already have well-established friendships with each other, however there’s always room for a little one… hopefully!11
  11. Your mum is your biggest supporter – because you have your own page they already think you’ve made it big and that it’s the most wonderful thing they’ve ever seen! Thanks Mum!

I’m only at the beginning of my blogger journey and I’m sure I’m yet to experience most of the brilliant things associated with blogging! I can’t wait to hopefully see my blog grow and grow! Thank you all for your lovely jubbly feedback so far!

M x


7 thoughts on “Thoughts of a “Newbie” Blogger

    1. Than you so much! You don’t realise how much there is involved with blogging, it definitely is a roller coaster! I’ve just had a nosy at your blog and I TOTALLY agree with how hard it is to juggle working full time and keeping up with blogging! Thank you for the comment! x


  1. #1. I have to admit, blogging can be a pretty boring place, until you’ve found the “right” community! It seems like you’re just writing a bunch of words with no meaning, sometimes!
    It makes it more fun, when you have actually made friends in the blogging world! It does take effort though!
    #2. This irritates me also! Omg…I”m in such a “Happy, Happy, Happy” mood all the time Let’s face it! Nobody, is ever that happy all the time!
    #3. This is true! Just found a blog yesterday from I think China?! Pretty awesome where blogging can take you!
    #4. I’ve just got back into Bloglovin! It’s a great way to keep up with your faves!
    #5. And tbh, I have backed off of Pintrest a bit! I’ve got quite the collection! Now, I just go back when I need pics for posts!
    #6. I’ve also backed off checking stats! If it’ll happen, it’ll happen! Can’t force it!
    #&. Not so much. My friends aren’t into blogging, at all!
    #9. Been there, done that so many times! I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten so frustrated with the blog, because I didn’t understand something! But I have stuck it out!
    #10. This is sooooo true! But like I said before, you have to find the right group of people who will give you the time of day, and everything else will fall in to place!
    #11. My mom passed away July 2012, so never take advantage of the time spent together! Enjoy every minute of it, because you just never know…

    Awesome tips! Now, I’m going to go outback, drink tea, and play with the puppy!

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  2. Awesome points! I’m totally with you girl! Especially the point about your friends: I’m kind of sleeping, eating and talking blogging all of the time. My friends are coping with it (almost) ^^


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