A Sneak Peek into my Bedroom

I write this post with a heavy heart as I LOVE my newly decorated room, but I am moving out in September, so I only have limited time to sit and stare at it’s loveliness.

When I’m at home I spend the majority of my time in my bedroom; blogging, crocheting, relaxing, binge watching episode after episode of Gossip Girl (…xoxo), oh and sleeping obvs. So it’s important that my room is somewhere I can shut off from the world and just chill.

There is no hiding the fact that I’m a girly girl and I am a major fan of the vintage, shabby chic look, so that’s the vibe I went for.
I took inspiration from Leeds Grand Theatre, when I was sipping a drink in the bar before West Side Story, the walls jumped out at me (not literally of course; it wasn’t like a scene from a horror film). They were so elegant; pearly white with a thin metallic, light-pink, vertical stripe running through it. I searched for a wallpaper that was similar to this design and was able to find one from Homebase.

I, of course, went crazy on Pinterest to find other sources of inspiration and I completely lusted over these lace curtains!

IMG_4373 I was able to find some similar on Amazon for just £14!IMG_4301

Anyways enough of me blabbing on, I’ll leave you to nosey at my extremely girly new boudoir! Which when my boyfriend first saw he exclaimed that it looked like a “candy store” and if we ever move in together, I need to “turn down the girliness” (woops)! Enjoy!


M x


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