The snails and the bees

So you may know all about the birds and the bees and probably especially remember “the talk” with your parents (cringe)… But today I’m going to talk about the snails and the bees! (Bear with me, I promise it actually isn’t a story about insects)!

The reason why I’m writing this post is because I’m annoyed, which I know is never good when writing, I’ll try not to rant… At work I feel like I’m going 500 miles an hour and I am ALWAYS busy, to the point of exhaustion! However when I look around me, I notice that others don’t seem to be half as busy, which bugs me, a lot. Recently this has been really getting me down and bothering me, so I decided to think about it in a different (more positive light). Every person has their own individual personalities, therefore we need to understand that people may tackle work differently!

At college, university and work there are two types of people – the snails and the bees… The people who just cruise their way through the day and those who don’t even take a minute to breathe!

The snails often do the bare minimum, they do just enough to get by and have the attitude of “no one will die if I don’t get it done” and that they can always do it “another day”. The snails take their time and are often slow but thorough, however they would normally choose to socialise and do fun things, over getting the job done quickly! They look to the bees as “goody two-shoes” and vain.

Whereas the bees thrive on pressure, they want to get everything done and fast! Bees tend to work individually but then pull their work together with other team members to achieve the final goal! They like doing jobs correctly first time, so they can swiftly move on to their next task! These individuals cannot do enough for anyone. They look to the snails as lazy and unprofessional!

At work I would definitely say I am a bee, however at home I am probably more of a snail, because hey, that’s my chill out time. The snails at work frustrate me LIKE SO MUCH, but now I’ve sat and thought about it, if we worked together we would probably make a pretty solid team! The bees can motivate the snails and the snails can de-stress the bees!

You’ll always get people who don’t seem to put 100% into their day, but maybe they don’t want to, perhaps they are quite happy in the job they do and are not looking to impress managers to gain promotions. There’s obviously a line and people can go too far, but maybe next time you’re feeling frustrated consider this!

What do you think? Do you think you’re a bee or a snail? Let me know your thoughts!

M x


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