Where have I been?

What a whirlwind the past month has been, in fact it feels like a bit of a blur, so I thought I’d do a post to update you all but also to document it for myself.

It began with a holiday with my two best friends to the bright lights and sandy shores of Ayia Napa in Cyprus. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about going to a typical “18-30” holiday; I mean don’t get me wrong I do like going out – getting tipsy, dancing the night away and ending the night with a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subway, however only on occasion. I would, in no way, class myself as a “party animal” (how cheesy) and going out twice in one month is more than enough for me, let alone 7 nights in a row! But I was excited, my god was I excited! I was sooo in need of a break and the opportunity to switch off, I couldn’t wait just to let my hair down and have fun!

And boy I had fun, we had the best time! Chilled days and lively nights was the theme of the holiday. Our days were spent around the pool at our surprisingly lovely apartments and we managed to venture out to the beautiful Nissi Beach one day too!

Our nights would begin civilised; a couple of drinks in the apartment whilst getting ready, then heading to the nicer part of Ayia Napa (beyond the clubs) for an evening meal, which were always scrumptious and very cheap (we weren’t even tempted by the McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or KFC once)… We would then head back to the apartments and have a few more drinks with the friends we made at the hotel and once it got to about midnight we’d finally go out!

We met Alex from MIC and yes I did fan girl!

Nights in Napa are not like nights in York, everything is more extreme – the drinks are stronger, bigger and cheaper, the clubs are larger and more extravagant, the music is louder and the people are crazier. We went to foam parties, paint parties, street parties and beach parties and loved every night (other than part of the night my phone was stolen. What. A. Mare.)

By the end of the holiday I was ready to come home, I missed my boyfriend, family and my dog and couldn’t wait to snuggle down in my own bed! Would I do another party holiday? Maybe not, I think I’d opt to stay somewhere quieter, for example Nissi Beach and head out to party possibly just a couple of nights! Ayia Napa definitely wasn’t a quiet holiday, I may be beyond my years, but I found it hard work partying every night, although I wouldn’t take it back and it was totally worth it!

The weekend after I returned home was my brother’s leaving do. My brother, his girlfriend and their Pug named Dug were all moving to Barcelona due to my brother’s job being relocated to the Spanish city. The family and friends got together for a shin-dig and because my two best friends, are also our second cousins, we were reunited too (even though we only live ’round the corner from each other, this felt like miles away after spending 24/7 together all week). There were drinks flowing (it was nice to be drinking proper alcohol instead of the nasty cheap tasting “vodka” they sold on holiday, bleurgh), music playing, storytelling and reminiscing. It was a lovely goodbye and they will be missed, especially Dug the Pug (however I can’t wait for the cheap holidays).

Bye Dug!

Most recently, this Monday, I turned 20. I am officially no longer a teenager (sob). So this now means it is no longer sociably acceptable to do the following things:

  • Sleeping in until midday or later (personally I think this is still allowed at weekends, I mean I have to get up at 7 every weekday, right?)
  • Eating Pot Noodles (but, but, but they’re so tasty and quick to make, maybe I’ll just reduce the amount I eat to 1 a week)
  • Having a shamefully messy bedroom (I am now not guilty to this anyways, my room is too pretty to be messed up)
  • Binge watching series on Netflix (I still haven’t finished Gossip Girl, this rule does not apply until after that, surely?)

Even though I am quite sad to say goodbye to my teenage years, I am told that you have the most fun in your 20s; any 20 somethings out there to confirm that? I have a lot of things to look forward to this year, such as starting University in September, which means all of the above points are totally acceptable if I’m a student (get in)!

So now you’re all caught up on my recent shenanigans, how exhausting! I’m looking forward to returning back to normality, especially reconnecting with my blogging buddies! Please feel free to drop me a line to say hello and fill me in with any exciting posts or news I may have missed!

M x


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