My Vow to Save

I am writing this post as a promise. A promise to myself to not make any unnecessary purchases this month. I desperately need to save for the future and when I say future, I mean for 2 months down the line – aargh I can’t believe it’s that soon! 9 weeks today I begin the next chapter of my life, I start University (only 2 years later than you should start but never mind). The extortionate prices of student accommodation means I need to contribute a large proportion of my own money towards halls, as my loan no where near covers it! I work full-time at the moment and I am keeping my job when I go to Uni by reducing my hours to one day a week, however I have, as expected, not saved enough money yet, woops!

Yay for Pay Day
                          Yay for Pay Day

With today being pay day (yay) I have set myself the following rules to stick to this month:

  • Calculate all definite outgoings for the month – e.g. phone bill, board, car payments, bus tickets etc…
  • Put all other “disposable” money into a savings account – if any unexpected payments need to be made, I’ll still be able to access the money quickly!
  • Keep a track of all transactions – write down (or use a fancy App) ALL transactions that you make, even if it was only 75p! This will allow me to track all of my spendings and I’ll know exactly where my money has gone for the month!
  • Take pack-ups to work and spend no money on snacks – that means no 3pm chocolate bar from the vending machine at work, when I’m feeling peckish!
  • If I do treat myself to a night out (c’mon I’ve got to live, otherwise I’ll become seriously down) I will take out cash before I go out and leave my card at home!
  • No shopping trips! I am only allowing myself to purchase essentials and have the occasional window shop – however that may be dangerous.
  • Instead of going out for dinner, I may try cooking something new – this will save money and (hopefully) improve my diabolical culinary skills!
  • Fill the weekend with free things to do – e.g. trips to the seaside (but take a picnic and stay away from the fish and chips), going for bike rides and having movie nights at home.
  • Look at ways of earning a few quid – I think I might try a car boot sale and an eBay selling spree. Any tips would be gratefully received.

So please wish me luck on my saving adventure – hardly an adventure I know, it’s actually going to be torture, but positive thinking and that!
I plan to write a follow-up post this time next month to see how I’ve done, so check back in then – fingers crossed I’ll have saved LOADS…
If anyone has any other money saving advice, PLEASE do let me know, I need all the help I can get!

M x


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