Thoughts on being a fresher… Again

University is just around the corner, fresher’s week is approaching fast. I, like many others, am finding my future flat mates and getting giddy about the months ahead of me.

However this isn’t my first time going through the fresher’s process. Two years ago, as a shy, confidence-lacking 18 year old I completed one semester at the party university of Northumbria. I wasn’t ready to go, n’or did I like the course or the place. So I dropped out. Yes I am a University drop-out. It was a tough decision but now looking back, I can say it was the best decision for me.
This time round I am much more ready, I am doing the course of my dreams, I am more independent, confident and out-going. Two years ago I was dreading going, this time I am raring to go!

Freshers' week will look and feel like this... a blur!
Freshers’ week will look and feel like this… a blur!

As this is round 2 of me being a fresher, here’s a list of things to expect, incorrect typical stereotypes and the general fresher facts:

  • Your flat mates are (probably) not going to be psychopathic weirdos – the reason I’m saying this is because this was my worst fear about moving into halls. Just remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and aren’t going to be psychos (hopefully…)
  • You will get Fresher’s Flu – no matter how hard you try to prevent yourself from being struck by the annoying disaease you WILL get it, it’s unavoidable! Stock up on Kleenex!
  • Your diet won’t purely consist of Pot Noodles – okay you will have the occasional one… well weekly! However you will slowly begin to become more adventurous with your cooking. Although pasta will become your staple diet.
  • You’ll fall out with your flat mates over bread – no matter how petty this sounds, arguments like this are inevitable! I mean no way is it your turn to buy the bread again?!
  • You will meet some amazing friends – during your first year at uni (even possibly in your first term) you will meet friends for life, your bond will be unbreakable… But that’s partly because they’ve seen you at your worst drunken state and you don’t want ANYONE to ever hear about the stories they have!
  • You will get homesick – after your crazy first week of fresher’s, which to be honest feels like you’re on holiday, you’ll start missing home. This is normal and it won’t just be you feeling like this. Keep yourself busy, don’t spend a lot of time on your own (that’s when you’ll over-think things) and give your mum a ring; fingers crossed that will make you feel a little better.
  • You’ll be SO tired – the 5am bed times and lack of routine will make you more and more knackered every single day. Therefore you will HAVE to take frequent naps in-between lectures to function.
  • You will find home boring – when you return home from Uni, even just for a weekend, you’ll feel like time passes so slowly and there’s nothing to do! Although this is more often than not a godsend as you can relax and catch up on that sleep you so desperately need.
  • You’ll have lots of fun – even if you’re homesick, suffering from fresher’s flu, absolutely shattered and arguing with your flat mates, you will have fun, so make the most of your time as a fresher!

M x


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