These are a few of my favourite things… Hull Bloggers Meet Up

Oh my gosh, it’s been nearly one month since the Hull Bloggers Meet Up and I’ve finally had time to go through the oodles and oodles of fabulous gifts we were given. I discovered some amazing new brands and products that I had never used before, so I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite products.

1. LAB2 Makeup Brushes –  I have to admit that I’m rather lazy when it comes to renewing and cleaning my make up brushes, I’ve been using the same powder brush for about 5 years and I think I’ve only washed it once… Ew! So I was very giddy to discover the 7 different brushes that were in our gift bags. My favourites are the two eye-liner brushes, they provided such a sleek, smooth line, which I have never been able to achieve before!

12. Heaven Vanilla Pod Hand Cream by Deborah Mitchell – We definitely don’t take enough care of our hands, but this luxurious product makes you want to! The hand cream smells absolutely divine and is very long-lasting; it helps stop dry hands, strengthens nails and leaves your hands silky smooth! Oh and the packaging is gorgeous!2

3. Vita Coco Coconut Oil – Everyone in the beauty world is raving about the wonders that coconut oil can provide. I was very dubious to smear this all over my face, as I’m prone to breakouts and my skin can often be oily. However I was shocked, I apply the oil before bed and in the morning my skin is glowing, fresh-looking and youthful. I may not replace my daily moisturiser with the coconut oil, however I would recommend using it twice a week!3

4. Seba Med Clear Face Care Gel – Breakouts really get me down and knock my confidence; as soon as a pesky spot starts to appear you want to get rid of it immediately, which is exactly what this Clear Face Care Gel begins to do. You apply the gel directly to the spot and in my experience it eradicates the breakout faster than just letting it go away naturally. I definitely want to try the other products in the range, as this one has really worked for me!4

5. Personalised Planner by – I was so excited to receive a gift certificate to create my very own unique, personalised planner! I am a stationary addict and couldn’t wait to log onto to customise my diary! The process couldn’t be easier and nearly every aspect of the planner is customisable; from the front cover to the layout of the pages inside! Don’t purchase a bog standard diary from the high-street for 2016, make your’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from!5

M x


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