A Fresher’s Feelings

Hello everyone, I’m writing this post from my new home in student halls in York (keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on how I’ve made my room feel homely), how exciting! This past week and a half has been a whirlwind, filled with mainly highs and a few lows, but I never expected to be as busy as I am right now! I honestly never thought my life would be so jam packed when I got to university; I thought it would’ve been a breeze after working full-time for 2 years! But oh how I was wrong, even when I have “free-time” I’m busy, getting to know my flat-mates, reading, cleaning, cooking, joining societies – it’s hectic to say the least! 

 I thought I’d give you all an insight to how I, as a fresher, feel after the first week of my new Uni life!

  • I’m so eager – I feel too keen for everything… I must have signed up to at least 10 different societies (including Blog Soc ;)) I just want to try everything! I feel like I will never have the opportunity to experience all these new things again after University, so I am definitely making the most of it!
  • I’m now a social butterfly – I don’t think I’ve ever met so many new people in my life! I am constantly socialising whether that be chilling in the kitchen with my new flatmates (who are all lovely, in case they’re reading this… hi), studying with my course buddies, meeting people with the same interests as me at society events or going out partying with all my new friends.
  • Tiredness – because of the above I am tired. Oh so very tired. I seem to never stop; routine in my life is currently non-existent and I don’t often know whether I’m coming or going. It can be pretty overwhelming but actually I’m enjoying the new chaos in my life.
  • Going out as a student is completely different – forget the heels and classy dresses as a student you stick to flats (often trainers) and not care as much as to what you look like! I’ve found that everyone is a lot more sociable on student nights out and the drinks are soooo much cheaper (which is a good and bad thing at the same time). Basically I’m having a LOT of fun on nights out.
  • Am I the idiot of the class? Okay I’ve thought this a lot already, but I’m pretty sure it’s a normal thought to have as a fresher. There’s no easing you in to the University way of studying and the lecturers scare you to death about all the work you will have to do this year! This sent me into a panic, thinking “oh my god I’m never going to keep up” but after speaking to others on my course, everyone feels the same… Phew!
  • I’m so excited for the year ahead – I’ve not even been here a fortnight yet and I’m already looking forward to the days, weeks and months ahead of me! I know that this year is going to be my year and I am going to make the most of it by getting involved in University life as much as possible!

Have any of you experienced any of the thoughts I have as a fresher or do you feel different? I’d love to know as I think fresher’s week (and year) is different for everyone and each person’s experience is unique to them!

M x


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