Society Scrutiny

Time is really flying by at University, I’m already on Week 8 of the first 10 week term (and then it’s basically Christmas YAY). I would say that I’m pretty well adapted to “university life” now; I’ve settled into my flat and I live with some amazing girls, I’ve got too drunk and made a fool out myself (never again) and I’m really enjoying my course.


One thing I’m struggling to cope with, to my parents’ surprise, is my inability to cope with a messy, unclean kitchen and unfortunately I have landed the role as ‘Mum’ in our flat family, as I’m always cleaning. Nevertheless I’m enjoying University, however I’m glad I chose to study at a uni close to home, as I’m thankful I have the opportunity to go home when I want (I was especially thankful when I was poorly last week and wanted home comforts).

Societies are a fundamental part of getting fully involved in the University’s spirit and feeling like you are part of a community. Therefore 7 weeks ago I joined a number of societies including: Drama, Musical Theatre, Blogging (of course) and Dance. I was excited to join a group of people with the same interests and passions as me and eagerly attended all of the first meetings. The first few meetings were fun, everyone was happy to mingle and I met lots of new people. I was excited for the weeks ahead.

Credit: © 2015 Manchester Metropolitan University

My first knock back was when I didn’t get a part in the musical I so wished to be involved in, not only that but they failed to tell me this and I found out through somebody else. I was extremely disappointed however I still went to the society’s meetings which (apparently) are open to all. Unfortunately it didn’t feel like that was the case at all and I found that those involved in the musical and “the committee” formed a clique and weren’t very welcoming at all…

This seemed to be the case with all the other societies I joined (excluding the Blog Soc as they’re lovely). If you aren’t an expert/incredibly good at the society activity/hobby then there is not an opportunity to become properly involved in the group. I feel like I’m quite good at a range of different things, but don’t have a speciality where I excel. This has put me off from attending the societies’ meetings, due to feeling “not quite good enough”.

Just recently I’ve put my own personal (perhaps sensitive) feelings aside and attended the Dance Society regardless. I’ve decided to make myself as involved as I can. Societies should not just be for the elite and they shouldn’t make you feel like they are.

I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced any of the same issues as I have with regards to society scrutiny or even the inability to cope with the dirty kitchen in Uni Halls, please do leave me a comment or tweet me at @modernmaisie.

M x



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