Wren Family Favourites

Last month I had the privilege of attending the Wren Family Favourites event at Wren’s headquarters ‘The Nest‘. The event was hosted by the lovely Linda Barker and yes she really is as charismatic as she appears on Changing Rooms (god I used to love that program).

We were invited to view Linda’s gorgeous new kitchen collection that she has created exclusively for Wren which are all very lust-worthy AND wouldn’t break the bank!
Wren was also hosting the competition #WrenFamilyFavourties which encouraged people to submit an Instagram photo of their favourite family recipe for a chance to win an AEG Ultramix Stand Mixer worth £299.99. Us lucky bloggers sampled some of the recipe entries that were submitted which Linda Barker baked for us. IMG_6010

The recipes that we tried were: banana loaf, marble cake and almond pastry mince pies! I can tell you that ALL of them were delicious, so much so I couldn’t stop nibbling on them and greedily stuffed my face. My personal favourite was the scrumptious marble cake.
To ensure that we didn’t forget how to make the bakery goods we had just been taught by Linda, we created a recipe scrap book. I had so much fun making my scrapbook, I have to say I got a little competitive with the other bloggers and made sure mine was the prettiest… I know I’m biased but I do think I did a good job!

I must have caught the baking bug after the event as I submitted my own entries to #WrenFamilyFavourites with my ‘Heart of Gold’ zesty orange layer cake and vanilla essence biscuits.

I even recreated the banana loaf from the event, however living in a flat of 8 girls, I didn’t even get a chance to photograph my masterpiece before it was demolished, however I take that as a good sign!

The Linda Barker Collection for Wren Kitchens really is beautiful, there was not one kitchen I didn’t fall in love with. However when looking through the brochure after the event, I did find the one that was meant to be for me… the one named “Thoroughly Modern”. I do recommend you to take a look at the collection here (WARNING: you will want them all): http://www.wrenkitchens.com/kitchens/linda-barker-collection

P.S. how cute is this personalised wooden mixing spoons from Bespoke & Oak Co. we received as a gift.IMG_6011

M x


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