Thrifty Christmas Party Outfit

It’s that time of year again… Christmas Party season! This is definitely my favourite time of the year; I just love the festive build up to Christmas Day and the excitement that goes with it. It’s at this time of year that everyone seems to be just that extra bit jollier (maybe it’s that Xmas magic) this includes work colleagues, even the big bosses! And everyone seems to really let their hair down at the big Christmas Party.

This is my second Christmas Party with the Organisation and this year has a lot of expectations to meet due the success of last year’s! Everyone gets super glammed up, which is lovely to see and even the fellas scrub up nicely too! I knew I’d have to find the perfect Christmas Party outfit.

This year I bought my party dress in August… yes in the summer! You may find me bonkers however it caught my eye in the window of a shop as I walked past. It’s a beautiful strapless, short, metallic bronzy-gold dress with a bubble hem and pockets and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it… yes I’m the type of girl to fall in love with a dress. The best part is, is that it’s from a charity shop! I’m not usually very lucky when it comes to shopping in “thrift shops” and can never seem to find anything I like/in my size, so when I saw that the dress was in my size I HAD to try it on. It fits perfectly and I noticed it was a French Connection dress, this is a designer I cannot usually afford, but it was for sale for a bargain £5!  As a student I can’t really afford to spend a lot of money on new outfits so I was over-the-moon to find this and I was contributing to charity (go me).


I tried it on again last week, to see what I could accessorise it with, however I did have a little difficulty as it’s not gold but it’s not bronze. So I decided to pair it with black sandals with a sequined heel that I already owned and my Mum’s black clutch bag. Therefore my whole outfit came to £5!


At the Christmas Party I received a lot of compliments and people were shocked (and impressed) that I’d bought it from a charity shop (I know I shouldn’t tell people that and should let them think that it’s a very expensive dress but I was too smug about my bargain beauty).

I’d love to see your Christmas party outfit posts/any fabulous finds from charity shops! I hope you all have a magical Christmas!

M x


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