It’s kind of a goodbye…

It’s kind of a goodbye… but not really! Yes, we are saying goodbye to Thoroughly Modern Maisie but it is not an emotional farewell. In fact, it is quite the opposite, Thoroughly Modern Maisie has had a brand spanking new re-brand and I know that I’m biased but I’m a little bit in love with it… Say hello to Moo Lifestyle. –

Say hello to Moo Lifestyle. –

Thoroughly Modern Maisie has just turned 1 and even though I loved blogging I felt as though I was stuck in a rut. The idea of blogging wasn’t exciting me any more. As much as I wanted to blog, I couldn’t. I no longer had the motivation. I still loved reading other people’s blogs but I felt that mine wasn’t good enough and I just didn’t provide it with the TLC it needed to grow.
I also felt constrained using the platform; I wasn’t able to visually portray my personality. I desperately wanted to break out of this rut and Robowecop’s blog post inspired me to do so by re-branding. And ta-day Moo Lifestyle was born, using

Moo Lifestyle Button

This blog has provided me with a great platform to enter the blogging world and I am proud of it, that’s why I have decided to move all of my old posts over to the new blog. Some of my favourite blog posts have been: The Guide to the Girls’ Holiday, A Sneak Peek into my Bedroom, What to Do with your Life and Thoughts of a “Newbie” Blogger. I’m proud of these posts but I do like to think that I have developed so much since these were written and I am looking forward to developing further.

Thoroughly Modern Maisie will be disconnected on 30th April, there will be a hint of sadness saying goodbye however I’m more excited about the opportunities to come with Moo Lifestyle.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 20.04.29

Thank you for your support with Thoroughly Modern Maisie, my blogging friends are amazing and I hope that you can continue to support me over at Moo Lifestyle! See you over there!

P.S. follow my new Bloglovin’

M x



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